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Welcome to Ascento Studio!

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by my studio. I’m Jasmine, the owner and teacher of Ascento Piano Studio.

I am thrilled to offer personalized one-on-one virtual piano lessons for students of all ages, from complete beginners to early advanced. Whether you are exploring the piano for the first time or looking to enhance your skills at the keys, my comittment is to create a fun and positive atomosphere to help you reach your musical goals. 

You may now be wondering how does a virtual lesson work? Check out the video “What’s a Virtual Lesson Like?” below to see a sneak peak of what a virtual lesson looks like. 


What Genre's Appeal to You?

I’ve found it’s key to success finding the genres my students are most excited to learn all while building a strong foundation and technique so they can play like a pro.

Check out the video “Genre Samples” to see just a few snippets of some of my favorite genres. which one catches your ear the most?

Virtual Lessons

What do I need for virtual lessons? Good news, most already have what they’ll need for virtual lessons, such as:


  • Tablet device or laptop
  • Internet access
  • Piano or good quality keyboard
How to setup for virtual lessons

What You'll Learn


Understanding musical notation is much like learning how to read and write a language. This is what makes reading sheet music possible, and even allows you to notate your own compositions into sheet music.

Music Theory

Music theory put simply is the what and why behind music. Think of it as the grammar rules behind the beautiful language of music, helping pianists play and create more confidently on the keys.


Technique focuses on how we play. You’ll develop your hands and fingers to eventually play those “impossible” looking pieces. It also makes it possible to play with musicality,  emotion, and add power to your playing.

Ear Training

Ear training means being able to identify what we hear and play it back.  It trains our ears to pick up on pitches, rhythms, and harmonies, allowing us to recreate what we hear without sheet music.

Sight Reading

This skill allows you to play a piece of sheet music in your level at first sight without ever seeing or practicing it first. This is where you put your knowledge of notation, theory, and technique all into action in lightning speed. 

Lead Sheet

A lead sheet is essentially the “map” of a song. It’s a type of notation where you’re given an outline of the melody, lyrics, and harmony (chords). How it all comes together is up to you!  It opens up a whole new world of music from pop, jazz, to creating your own compositions!

Lesson Pricing

Currently the Studio schedule is on a bi-weekly, or every other week lesson, teaching basis. The lesson length depends on several factors such as age, experience level and goals. Don’t worry, no need to decide now. We’ll find the right lesson length that fits you best during our free 20 minute session.

Half Hour

Lesson $30

One Hour

Lesson $55

Half Hour

Lesson $30

One Hour

Lesson $55


Setup a Free 20 Minute Session

The free 20 minute session is where I get to learn what your goals, interest, and level of experience is at the piano. I recommend setting up where your piano / keyboard is easily available.

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