Pianist / Teacher



Classically trained pianist with 20+ years experience at the piano and a Piano Teacher since 2011.


Jasmine’s early musical education involved active participation in recitals, adjudications, and competitions, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication. Advancing her education further she studied under the esteemed Rong Fan, honing her performance skills, and gaining significant experience in the music world. Continuing her pursuit of musical excellence, Jasmine has expanded her knowledge through online courses at renowned insititutions like Berklee college of Music and Yale University, as well as her knowledge and performance of diverse music genres. This ongoing education allows her to stay current with the latest methods and techniques in music theory and practice.


Anyone Can Play

Jasmine truly believes that “anyone can play” with the right tools and motivation. She especially enjoys empowering students who have the desire to learn to play the piano but may feel they don’t have the aptitude. She has seen these very students excel as they gain self-confidence, increase their skills beyond their expectations and have fun along the way.

Personalized Teaching

What sets Jasmine apart is her personalized approach to teaching. Understanding that each student possesses a unique learning style, she tailors her lessons to align with their individual preferences and interest, at times creating custom pieces and exercises to meet their needs. 

Solid Foundation

Her students explore the genres of music they are passionate about all while building a robust foundation in music theory and practice. Her teaching philsophy centers on nurturing a love for music while ensuring that her students develop a well-rounded skill set, making her a sought-after educator in the field of music.

The 2020 Pivot

During the Covid Pandemic Jasmine pivoted from teaching students in person in her private studio to creating an online Virtual Music Studio. This change has opened up new opportunities to teach students from all over the country. It also has been beneficial for students that may not have easy access to piano teachers in their local area. After seeing the benefits of virtual teaching Jasmine has continued to teach the majority of her students virtually.

When Jasmine is not in her music studio she loves training and going on adventures with her two dogs. She dedicates time each month in volunteer work in her community, and enjoys getting together with friends.